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The Clean Life Foundation(hereafter this text will be abbreviated as CLF.), is a non-profit , neutral and public welfare -oriented organization. We envision a planet where people re-connect to love and remember who we really are.

Our mission is to help people raising consciousness and change the perspective of life. We believe that the earth can be healed and recovered through the understanding about energy and becoming aware of our life. CLF is dedicated to promoting the ideas of energy yoga, meat-free diet and the meditation. The issue of the environment and climate change are also our concern.

Our Vision

We have planed and achieved some noticeable events in these two years. Last year we invited Dr. Will Tuttle coming to Taichung and Taipei to accomplish the series of activities for 8 days. The events attracted over 1300 people and arouse unbelievable effect here about the truth of the agriculture , the issue of the climate and the heart of the compassion. Besides, the world-famous inediator, Joachim M Werdin from Poland came to Taichung by us. He shared his revolutionary experience about food and the consciousness , and enlighted the people we are the source and the master of the life. We appreciate these master and took care of them wholeheartedly, so they all arrange their schedule for meeting us again this year.


World Peace Diet Event

Dr. Will Tuttle spreaded compassion all over and descripted what happend to our diet.

Energy 9 Yoga

Hundreds gather to pray for peace in Taiwan by 9 yoga.

manifestation Retreat

In the deep moutain, Swami Sivananda with the aim of promoting the ancient science of Yoga for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and to thereby create a more peaceful world.

Meet Our Instructor

the best Spiritual Guide

At this critical moment, the oriental influence is significant. Taiwan is a special place which is rich with abundant high frequency energy,and has developed freely and vigorously in the spiritual consciousness and diverse activities.We are expecting our guest speaker will inspire more people and bring the important impact to the whole world.


Joachim M Werdin experienced two year without food and reprogram.

Dr. Tuttle

The author "World Peace Diet" and instruct how to live in "intitution".


Akahi is the world authority on Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism.


Hi! Meet me, I'm here to happily be of service to find your master within.

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